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your health? Without health, can you truly feel wealthy no matter what you possess? The only person who knows that answer is you. Quality of life is boosted when you value health as an important and indispensable source of wealth. Health makes wealth feel more balanced and in line with who you are as an individual.

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EST, about 850,000 visitors had gone to the website five times more than the traffic last Monday, according to Bataille. The site saw more than 1.2 million visitors over the weekend. The overall error rate for that traffic averaged less then 0.4 percent, she said.The new deadline announced Monday applies to coverage starting in January, but people have until March 31 to apply for health coverage that starts later in 2014.The Washington Post first reported the one day delay.

“It’s been like an episode of the West Wing, every single day,” Clare Gerada tells me when we meet on the eve of her final Royal College of General Practitioners annual conference as chair. Her comparison with the American TV drama may be tongue in cheek, but it does offer a revealing insight into how the previously placid role as head of the largest medical royal college in the UK has been recast by Gerada’s firebrand politicising. Much of this, she argues, was driven by circumstance, as she led the protracted and bitter fight against the government’s unpopular healthcare reforms in England.

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There is widespread concern that suicide rates might increase in countries affected by the global economic crisis,2 in view of evidence that economic downturns, and associated rises in unemployment, are followed by increases in suicide.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 For example, it is estimated that the 1997 economic crisis in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong resulted in over 10000 excess suicides.8 Previous research has found that economic downturns tend to have the greatest effects on men of working age; rises in suicide were larger in men than in women and in adults of working age than older people during the Russian economic crisis in the early 1990s5 and the 1997 Asian economic crisis.8